We also provide acid washing and chlorine rinses for your pool, which consists of emptying the pool and spraying it down with a small and diluted amount of special acid. This acid wash works to deteriorate and remove thin layers of pool plaster and mineral buildup that coats the top of your pool liner, revealing a bright, new looking layer of plastic beneath, giving your pool a brand new look and feel! The process sounds scary, but is actually very safe when done by the experienced pool technicians from Malibu Pool Service. Chlorine rinsing concentrates more on the debris and algae that have settled into the walls and the bottom of your swimming pool. When all of that algae and/or debris sit in there for some time, it creates stains or discolorations to the water and plaster, like tea or coffee. Chlorine rinsing is especially common with foreclosure homes where the banks have turned off the water and electricity to save money, and in the process, damage the pool. This process can also be done to jacuzzis!

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