Maintaining a Swimming Pool During the
Winter Months in Arizona

One of the greatest assets a homeowner can possess is a swimming pool. Swimming pools have several benefits, aside from an increase to your property’s value, especially in Gilbert Arizona. A pool has benefits that can appeal to every member of the family, no matter what age they are. A swimming pool offers the opportunity for exercise, relief from the heat, family fun and relaxation, all at your convenience and when you want it when you own your own swimming pool. However, just as with home ownership, there are responsibilities that come with owning a swimming pool.

Maintaining a Swimming Pool During the Winter Months One of the biggest responsibilities of owning a swimming pool would be that of pool maintenance. After all, what good is a swimming pool if it’s not kept up to snuff and left in disrepair? Keep in mind that a large part the maintenance process also means pool cleaning; remember that keeping a pool clean helps to ensure that harmful bacteria and debris does not have the chance to cause damage and disrepair to your swimming pool.

Although pool maintenance is vital during the Summer months in Gilbert, they are even more important when it comes time to prepare your swimming pool for the Winter months, even in Gilbert Arizona. That’s why there are certain steps and guidelines that should be followed to help prepare your pool for cooler weather. Following these guidelines can help you to avoid potential issues that can cause costly repairs later.

The first place to begin is to test your water’s chemical levels a few days before you actually close the pool. This way you have the opportunity to adjust the water to its proper levels. Keep in mind that the reason it’s so important to keep water chemical levels within the proper range is because of the possibility of scale build up and corrosion that can occur in the water while the pool isn’t being used. To give you an idea, here is a guide to the proper chemical levels.

  • Alkalinity: 7.2 – 7.6 PH level
  • A PPM of 80 -120
  • 175 – 250 PPM of Calcium hardness
  • 1 – 3 PPM Chlorine level.

Once you have your water levels adjusted you’ll need to make certain that your pool is properly cleaned. You’ll want to be certain to brush and vacuum the sides and the bottom of your pool as well as cleaning the tile and vinyl to get rid of the oil and scum lines. Keep in mind that you will want to set the filter to waste bypassing sand during the vacuuming process. Make certain to use a Clarifier so that your water will be crystal clear.

During the Winter months you’ll want to be certain to utilize a Winterizing kit that keeps the levels in check. Be certain to keep the skimmer, filter and pump basket cleaned as well as taking any unused product from the Chlorinator. You’ll also want to make certain that your D.E grids and cartridge filter elements are hosed clean after being sprayed with filter cleaner, as well as backwashing the sand filters. Make certain to keep the water level lover than the skimmers and returns. Simply place a cover over your pool and you are all set for the winter.

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