Top 5 Pool Supplies Needed To Close Your Swimming Pool For The Winter

Alas, all good things must come to an end, including the swimming season. Though the sunshine and heat in San Tan Valley Arizona provide more days to enjoy your swimming pool than practically anyplace else in the United States, most people choose to close their swimming pool for a few of the winter months. So unless your pool is heated and you are brave enough to use it on those 60 to 70 degree days, here is what you will need to close it properly for the winter, which will make opening it for the summer easier and less costly.

Main Supplies You Will Need To Close Your Pool For The Winter

1. Water Testing Kit and Pool Chemicals

Before starting your pool closing, be certain that you have the proper tools and pool supplies needed for the job. Use a water testing kit to attain the proper chemical balance. During the winter season it’s essential to prevent the water from creating heavy calcium deposits or becoming overly corrosive as either condition will damage your swimming pool.

The first thing to test the water for is the pH level. It should be between 7.2 and 7.6. So if it is higher, add pH decreaser, and if it is lower add pH increaser. Once you have the pH level correct, wait at least an hour before performing more tests.

Next, test for water hardness. Calcium levels should be between 175 and 225 parts-per-million. Use the appropriate chemicals to increase or decrease the level.

You will also need to test and adjust the alkalinity which should be between 125 to 150 ppm for most pool types and between 80 to 125 ppm for plaster or gunite pools. Add increaser or decreaser as needed. After adjusting, wait two hours before further testing.

2. Pool Shock

Shock the pool with chlorine. If you generally use a shock product that’s safe for people to swim in immediately, it will not be strong enough to kill all the bacteria in your pool over the winter. When closing the pool for the winter, use a stronger treatment. Chlorine is important to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria in the water. The chlorine level should be maintained at 1 to 4 ppm. The rays of the sun can diminish the effectiveness of chlorine, so in addition, pool water will need a chlorine stabilizer. Adjust the stabilizer level to 30 ppm. You may need to wait a few days for the chlorine to return to the proper level.

3. Algaecide

Especially in a warm climate, like San Tan Valley, you will need to add an algaecide to kill existing algae and prevent more from growing. You will want to wait until the chlorine level has returned to 1 to 4 ppm before adding algaecide. For extra protection there are special winter algaecides that can stop the growth of green, black, and mustard algae for up to 5 months in a covered pool.

Wear appropriate protection such as rubber gloves and goggles when using chemicals, and use and store chemicals according to the manufacturer’s directions.

4. Pool Skimmer

Now to begin pool cleaning; start by using a pool skimmer to remove any leaves, bugs, or other debris. Next, empty the skimmer baskets and clean or replace the filter as needed.

5. Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Remove, clean and dry all of the pool equipment such as ladders and diving boards in preparation for storage. Continue the pool cleaning by brushing the bottom and sides of the pool and then vacuuming the bottom of the pool until clean. Now you are ready to install your pool cover. Use a tight fitting cover that doesn’t leave any gaps for debris to get into the pool.

In colder climates there is more involved in pool closing, such as lowering the pool’s water level, draining the equipment, and even adding pool anti-freeze, which is not the same as car anti-freeze.

In San Tan Arizona most people close their pools for the winter when nighttime temperatures are in the 40s and daytime highs are in the 60s.

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