How to Cool Your Pool During
the Hot Arizona Summer

Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool during a hot Arizona summer day. However, the hot summer is going to warm up the pool water and is going to make it feel more like taking a bath than anything else. Because of this, you need to know how to cool your pool in the summertime and how to make it feel more comfortable. This way, you are able to enjoy the pool and it is going to allow you to hop in whenever you need to feel refreshed.

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Cool During The Hot Arizona Summers
The biggest issue behind your pool not having a comfortable temperature is because the water is just sitting there all day and absorbing the heat. The last thing you want is for the water to sit still and not circulate with something cooler. The only way you are going to cool down the temperature in your pool (outside of actually installing a water AC unit into the pool pump) is to circulate it with something cooler. This can be done with the help of a fountain.

During the day, the fountain is going to circulate water through its system, although since the temperature is higher, it is only going to make the water warmer. However, if you keep the fountains off during the day and power on the fountain during the nights, the water is going to circulate in the cool air. This is going to allow you to drastically reduce the temperature of the pool overnight as the temperature drops during the evening and night hours when the sun is not out. This way, over the course of the evening the temperature of the pool should drop significantly.

During extreme conditions, you need to consider changing out a quarter of the water inside the pool with cold water. When you add in the cold water to the pool and it starts to circulate through the pump, you are going to find it cools down all of the water, and not just the top layer. Plus, the warmer water of the pool is going to rise to the top anyways, so eventually the cool water is going to drop down the bottom of the water and push the warmer water up. This also cools down the warmer water as it passes it.

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A heat pump is an option that is going to help you drop the temperature of the pool up to eight degrees. Eight degrees is going to drop the temperature a considerable amount and make it feel much better when you hop in. These are on the expensive side but offer a valuable option.

Cooling misters are another valuable option. The cooling misters actually do not adjust the temperature of the pool, but it is going to reduce the air surface temperature around the pool. Because the surface temperature around the pool is cooler, the pool water itself is also going to drop. This way, the misters indirectly helps cool the pool, and this is a great way to cool off when you are not in the water and simply walking around the pool.

Lastly, an evaporative cooling tower is an effective method that is also very green, as it does not use any kind of gas or freon. With the equipment it is going to drop the temperature by 10 degrees or so and should also cut down on the humidity by 8 to 10 percent. The equipment is going to require just a small investment, but it should also help with the temperature of the pool. This combined with the heat pump is going to allow you to cut down the temperature of the pool by almost 20 degrees, making it that much cooler for you to enjoy, thanks to the Arizona pool maintenance.


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