The Difference Between Cleaning Pool Tiles
and Home Floor Tiles

Mesa, Arizona

Swimming pools are extremely popular in the hot climate of Mesa Arizona, as are all types of floor and wall tiles. The residents of Mesa Arizona often have questions as to how to care for different types of tile.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

The process of cleaning swimming pool tiles is very different than that of cleaning floor tiles. The dinginess and deposits on swimming pools tiles, especially along the water line, are usually caused by scale, lime, and calcium. Since these deposits are caused by minerals rather than dirt, they tend to plague even the cleanest swimming pools. These deposits roughen the surface of the tiles creating an inviting environment for algae to stick and multiply.

The best method to remove mineral stains and deposits is to first drain the pool enough to bring the water level down to several inches below the stain at the water line. You can either lie at the edge of the pool or stand inside the pool, whatever you find easier. Using a cloth, rub an acidic pool tile cleaner onto a small area of the stained tiles. Allow the cleaner to sit on the area for 15 minutes, and then scrub with a large, wet, nylon brush.

Use a bucket of clean water to dip the brush into; do not dip the brush into the pool water.

Now wipe away the remaining cleaner using a damp cloth, rinsing the cloth in the bucket of clean water as needed.

Continue cleaning as described all the way around the pool. Some stains may still remain, but they may not become obvious until the area dries. Apply more cleaner to any remaining stains and allow it to sit on the areas that are still stained. After 15 minutes scrub again with a nylon brush and then wipe away the cleaner with a clean damp cloth.

If any stains still remain, run your hand over the area, if it feels rough you may need to scrape the deposit off with a razor blade scraper.

Although swimming pool tile cleaner is intended to be used in your pool, try to keep it out of the pool water as much as possible. Since the cleaner is acidic, allowing too much of it to drip into the water can upset the pH balance of your pool. Refill your bucket of rinse water frequently to help prevent this. In addition, an acidic pool tile cleaner in a gel form will stay put and drip the least. When finished, refill your pool and watch it sparkle.

Tile Floor Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning home floor tile its important to know the type of tile you are dealing with. There are numerous types of tile in use today, such as stone, slate, marble, ceramic, travertine, Mexican and Saltillo tiles. Any natural stone, such as travertine or marble can be harmed by many types of cleaning products. Always use products created for the type of tile you have.

How To Properly Clean Your Ceramic Tile Floor

It also helps to be aware of what type of dirt you are dealing with, such as mud, grease, or soap scum. They all require different cleaning methods.

The first step in cleaning floor tile is to vacuum to remove loose dirt so that you aren’t just smearing it around with a mop. After vacuuming, use a cleaner appropriate for that kind of tile. Ceramic tiles can simply be mopped with a grout and tile cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Porcelain tile can be mopped with an alkaline based cleaner that will help break down the dirt in the grout and tiles. Be sure to dilute the cleaner with hot water according to manufacturer’s directions. You can wet the grout and tile liberally with the cleaner and allow it to soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

Additionally, if your tile is ceramic or porcelain you may need a cleaner made specifically for the type of dirt you are cleaning. On kitchen tiles you may need a de-greaser, while on bathroom tiles you will need something that removes soap scum. On a textured tile you may need a scrub brush while on smooth tile a mop or soft cloth is best.

If your tile has deeply embedded dirt or if you aren’t sure what type of cleaner to use you may want to call a Mesa tile cleaning company. Desert Tile and Grout Care can deep clean all types of tile and grout to remove stains and deeply embedded dirt. A tile cleaning company can also seal your grout and tile to keep dirt out. Desert Tile and Grout Care can repair, restore, renew, and protect your tile!

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