Pool Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean, Clear, and Inviting

Here are some cleaning tips to keep your Mesa pool sparkling clean, clear, and inviting. Regular pool maintenance is the key to heading off problems before they become big problems!

Monitoring pool chemicals is the most important step in keeping a sparkling clean pool. Using a water testing kit, test the pool water alkalinity, pH and chlorine regularly, and adjust pool chemicals as needed. Chlorine generally needs to be added every day, unless you have an automatic chlorinator or floating chlorinator, in which case you will add chlorine less often. Keep in mind that the temperature has a drastic affect on your swimming pool. In the Mesa desert, the extreme summer temperatures mean that you may have to pay more attention to your swimming pool maintenance in order to keep it crystal clear at all times. Always store swimming pool chemicals in a cool, dry, place.

Help Maintain Your Pool With This Pool Cleaning GuideIf you run into a problem, such as algae, take a water sample to your pool supply store for more in depth testing. Their expertise can help you get your pool back to clear and refreshing.

The pool filter system should be run for at least eight to ten hours every day. A timer comes in handy for this.

Use a pool skimmer at least once a day, to remove debris, such as leaves and bugs from the surface of the pool water.

In addition, clean out the pool filter where the debris collects each day. Turn off the filter and open the pump lid to empty the pump basket. By cleaning out the filter, you will free it to collect more debris.

Swimming pool cleaning that can be done less often, usually once a week, includes shocking or super chlorinating the pool to prevent bacteria and algae growth.

Another weekly job is to brush down the entire pool with a pool brush which attaches to your pool pole. Brushing the pool walls and floor at least once a week helps to remove everything from calcium scale to algae buildup before they can become a serious problem.

If you use a brush to clean the tile line weekly it will prevent hard to clean build up.

Vacuum the bottom of the floor weekly to keep your pool in top condition. It may require more frequent cleaning if the water temperature is high, as algae will grow more quickly on the bottom of the pool then. Removing dirt, debris and algae build up from the bottom of your pool will go a long way in keeping the water clean, and skimming the top of the water will also help prevent dirt from settling on the pool floor.

Keep plants, animals (and their droppings,) fertilizers and weed killers away from the pool. Droppings from birds and other animals are food for algae!

Monitor the water level and check at least once per month. The water level should be kept at the center of the tile or skimmer. Remember, in Mesa Arizona, water evaporates quickly. Add water as needed.

If you see any cracks around the perimeter of your pool between the deck and the tile, fill it with a small bead of clear silicon caulk. Do not allow the water to get under the deck through cracks.

Owning a swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, but for maximum enjoyment, you must put in time cleaning and maintaining your pool. Failure to do so can result in high concentrations of bacteria and algae, which can cause swimmers to become ill. Unbalanced pH can cause corrosion to the pool’s lining and mechanical mechanisms.

If you are unable to maintain your swimming pool, consider employing a swimming pool maintenance service.

When cared for properly, a swimming pool will bring years of enjoyment, but it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it clean, refreshing and ready for use each day.

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