Health Hazards of a Dirty Mesa Arizona Pool

If you own a pool in Mesa Arizona, you probably understand the importance of pool cleaning and proper pool maintenance. Having pool service is a given if you want to have proper hygiene and safety.

The Importance of Regular Mesa AZ Pool Maintenance Most owners purchased their pools because they wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is great outdoor exercise. With beautiful weather for a large part of the year, Mesa AZ is a wonderful place to own a pool. Owning your own pool is far better than going to public pools for health reasons. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in eight pools inspected were found to have severe health violations causing them to close down right away. With things like fecal matter being contributed by every swimmer who enters the pool, to E-Coli bacteria being found in pools, it is a wonder we can ever enter a public pool! Even pools that require the swimmers to shower before entering are completely ineffectual. Taking a quick shower without using soap does nothing. Showering fully with soap is what is needed to remove bacteria.

The risks of these bacteria entering your own pool at home are the exact same as a public pool if you do not have proper Mesa pool maintenance. Pool maintenance does not consist of “throwing some chlorine in when the water looks green” or using a skimmer to get gunk out of the pool. Proper cleaning and maintenance ensures completely healthy water for you and your family and friends. Most people who own pools have children who use them. Children are more vulnerable to illness, especially younger ones and we want to keep them safe and healthy!

Recreational Water illnesses are various illnesses of the skin, eyes, ears and gastrointestinal tract (amongst others) that are contracted by swimming in hazardous water. The most common is diarrhea.

You may not know that chlorine and other disinfectant products are actually not able to kill germs instantly. Also chlorine counteracts things like pee and sweat in the pool, rendering it ineffective against other germs!

A professional pool maintenance company like Malibu Pool Service of Mesa Arizona is equipped with the right tools, knowledge and expertise to keep your pool safe and enjoyable.

Crypto (Cryptosporidium) is a nasty little parasite that causes diarrhea. It can survive for ten days even in chlorine treated water. According to the CDC, Crypto is the number one cause of swimming pool-related outbreaks and reported cases have increased by over 200%

Another microscopic parasite is Giardia. This also can live in chlorinated water and have similar effects to crypto.

Not to be indelicate, but while we’re on the subject, at least one in five Americans admit to peeing in the pool when surveyed confidentially. This is gross and very unhealthy as urine interferes with the chemicals in the pool and renders the chlorine less effective.

A pool properly maintained should not have a strong odor of chlorine so do not think if you go to one of the Mesa public pools that reek of chemicals, that you are now off the hook. You need the proper balance of chemicals and the proper PH. The variables such as what the different people bring in with them (sweat, organic by-products and so on) affect the chemicals being put in, which is why levels are constantly checked and kept balanced as part of routine pool maintenance.

Obviously in addition to having your pool service with proper maintenance, you have to put in place your own proper hygiene practices at home. When you have little ones in the pool, never let them in without a swim diaper. If the swim diaper becomes soiled, remove them immediately from the pool and do not allow it to be changed right near the pool where that bacteria can then get back into your water. Insist that it is disposed of properly nowhere near the pool. This is one of many practices you will want in place for proper health standards in your own backyard.

Having your own pool is a beautiful thing and a wonderful way to relax on a hot day with family and friends. Knowing you have a pool service that is keeping the hygiene in one hundred percent, that is keeping the pool safe and properly serviced, that keeps you and your loved ones free of health hazards is even better!

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